Various Sex Postions

Various Sex Positions

Various sex Positions

The Erogenous zones

It is said that most potent sexual organ is the brain.The most obvious meaning of this wise dictum is that with out the free play of the imagination , sex can be souless and mechanical activity.

Preparing the Body

The Human body is seen as a vehicle for express spirituality-not as in the west for many centuries since ,as a sinful things.Sex is celebrating as a Sacrament and the erotic status and well carving seen in many part of the world.

Body odor alone dampen sexual passion, but when it is combined with bad breath and it can kill desire stone dead.Fortunately there is wide range of breadth freshners on the market, they are probbaly more effective than the betel leaves .

Taking a bath together or sharing the bathtub not only removes the grime of the day but also get you in mood for love.It can be explicitly place to make love, and can be prelude to bed.